Obedience Trials


Unfortunately we hear far too often our Labrador Retrievers being
described as silly or loopy or never growing up.
Even worse is the often used term - "uncontrollable".

The sad fact is that many pet owners purchase a Labrador puppy based on
the breeds outstanding and well deserved reputation for temperament & steady nature.

What these new owners fail to realise is that training is fundamental to
any long term enduring relationship with a Labrador Retriever.
Temperament and bidability are present at birth.
But a Labrador is not born knowing how to please it's new owners.

What is often times described as "crazy behaviour" is simply a young dog
trying it's utmost to please it's owner.
Trouble is it has never been taught right from wrong.
Put simply - it doesn't know HOW to please you until it is taught!

In the same way as a child or teenager needs to understand boundaries
and community standards & expectations - so too does your Labrador Retriever.

Obedience training is the key to success.
The attached article 
written by Sandra Luchterhand explains where to begin.



Remember that today is the first day of the rest of your puppy's life.
Don't waste that opportunity.