Brisbane Royal

Since the early 1900's the Brisbane Royal (affectionately known as the Ekka)
has been the biggest event on the Queensland Canine calendar.

Each year more almost 3,000 Pedigreed dogs compete for what is widely regarded by many
as the pinnacle - a Royal Best in Show award.

Labrador Retrievers have featured regularly at the top level of Brisbane Royal
Competition with our breed taking the covetted Best In Show trophy on a number of occasions.

It provides a unique opportunity for Labrador enthusiasts to meet, greet and catch up on news.

With so many dogs being exhibited across a 10 day period it is easy to understand why
different breeds are "in attendance" on different days - no two days of competition are the same.

If you wish to come and meet some of our Breeders and their beautiful dogs, then please come along and see us at the Ekka.


RNA DATE FOR LABRADORS 2021 - Tuesday 10th August